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Type of Internships you should NOT do

Type of Internships you should NOT do

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Ojas Aklecha
·Feb 13, 2022·

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  • Internships to avoid -

For a university student, an Internship is one of the most important checkmarks that one should do and students do not want to leave any of these opportunities. But there are a few types of internships which you should not do or you should avoid. I am writing this blog because I have recently completed this kind of internship.

Internships to avoid -

1. Feed Internships -

I am giving it this name because these are the internships that ask you to give or pay some amount of money for doing the internship. This type of internship doesn’t make sense because you are doing work for them and instead of them giving you payment, they are asking you for the money. It would be better if we call it a training program than an internship.

2. Internship without offer letter –

This kind of internship is hard to guess before enrolling but they are a total waste of time. This type of internship is the type of internship in which they do not offer or send you any type of offer letter or any official mail. All the conversation is either on-call or any messaging app. This type of internship will just favor the company and you will not get any benefits like certificates etc. Try to quit this as soon as possible. And before applying for this internship, try to do complete research about the company, its social media platforms, etc. A good company will always have its official website and its official social media handles. And, A good internship will always consist of an offer letter/offer mail ( at least ).

3. Internships from unknown companies –

Internship offer from a company that does not have its proper website and its social media handles MUST be avoided. Because they are fraud and will take advantage of you.

4. Unpaid Internship –

Okay so these aren’t that serious they are just avoided because they aren’t paying you anything even though you are working for them. You might get some certificates or goodies from them though. Not the best but acceptable.

A good internship will always provide you with an offer letter and other facilities like mentors and commencement sessions will be organized. They will also provide you with a stipend.

I have recently experienced/done this type of internship. I was expecting something from them but I got nothing. So, I am sharing my experience with people so that they can be cautious before taking any internship and save their valuable time and effort. Thank you for reading this blog and make sure to thumbs up this article.

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