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How your first project teaches you a lot!!

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How your first project teaches you a lot!!

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·Aug 2, 2022·

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For a Computer Science student, the projects are very important. They give you a lot of experience and teach you many important things which you may not learn in theory. Projects are a practical way to boost your knowledge and many projects also help society to solve the problem.

Recently, during my summer breaks, I started learning Web3. First, I asked my senior to give me a pathway to Web3. The first thing he said was to learn the front end which means to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, I started learning them. Learning was easy. So, I thought to practice my skills, why don’t I make some projects? So, I decided to think of something and I came up with a Portfolio Website that I was already planning to make.

I did have some layouts and stuff in my mind but those were not fixed. I started by making a home page that will include my photo, a cool navbar, a header text, and a small animation text showing my interests and future plans.

So, As I was making my home page, I was planning to make 4 other pages showing my skills, about, contact, etc. I divided my work page-wise by making one page daily and in the end connecting them through the nav bar.

Frontend Development requires a few things. One should be creative, should know the languages (obviously), and should have good googling skills. There are a lot of topics and tags in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that one cannot remember. So, it is important to have good googling skills to search for what you needed.

After making all the pages, one thing I was stuck at was how to connect them. And it was by using commands ‘. / ‘ and ‘ . . / ‘. I connected all of my pages.

Now, my website is ready and what I need is for my website to be online. So, I searched and found out about Netlify. It is a platform where you can make your website online.

I had my own domain and so I published my website there and added the domain which I own. Now, my website is online.

Initially, I made my website only for desktops but I wanted to have it on mobile devices also. So, I learned about media queries. Media queries help you to add personalized CSS for specific widths.

One, thing which is very important for a developer is its GitHub profile. So, I have added all of my code to the GitHub repository.

Projects help you learn a lot. I was not confident with my frontend skills but making it helped me gain a lot of confidence and I have also added a project to my portfolio. This project also taught me how to host a website, how to maintain your GitHub profile, and about HTML, and CSS, in CSS I learned about media queries which I always used to wonder about.

I know my website isn’t perfect and has a lot of faults but I really put my effort and hard work into making it and which I am proud of.

For those who wonder, Website Link - komisuke.xyz

GitHub Repository - github.com/ojasaklechayt/portfolio-website

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